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  The Muse Cruise, recognized as one of the top three travel media programs in Canada by the Tourism Industry Association of Canada for 2006  Tuktu Prayers, opens Heritage Day 2007  Jasper House by William Hind circa 1860, Furla House celebrates its Centennial in 2007! Spirit of the Rock  Dreamers and Doers, a one hour documentary on furla handbags outlet art for 2005

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 Images are furla handbags protected.  Digital Time Machine photo-shopped image by LPP.  Tuktu Prayers image is a stone and antler sculpture by Audrey Nanimahoo.  Dreamers and Doers image commissioned work by Diane Way.  The Leather Pass image is by heritage artist William Hind ~ circa 1860.  The Spirit of the Rock logo was created by Delphinus 18 Productions.

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